Member of Iraq’s Parliament Visits Imam Hussein TV Group in Holy Karbala

Mr.Hossein Al-Yasari, a member of the Iraqi parliament honored the works of the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi to propagate the school of AhlulBayt (blessings of God be upon them) during his visit to Imam Hussein TV headquarters in holy Karbala.  In a meeting with Sheikh Mostafa Mohammadi, the director of Imam Hussein TV, Mr. Hossein Yassari said: “We all have witnessed the tireless works of the institutions affiliated to the Grand Jurist in various fields. On behalf of the entire Iraqi nation, I would like to offer my thanks to his eminence.” Further in this meeting, Sheikh Mohammadi elaborated on the activities of Imam Hussein TV, which considers its primary goal to publicize the school and thoughts of AhlulBayt (blessings of God be upon them) in Iraq and the entire world. He also talked about the Orphans Support Program by Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development. Other topics which were addressed in this meeting were concerning the latest developments of Iraq, and the need to prepare the grounds for Iraq’s progress and prosperity.