Alwela Alfeda Society Activity in Holy Samarra Iraq

The Alwela Alfeda Society, affiliated to the Public Relations Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi hosted pilgrims of the holy Imam Hadi and Imam Hasan Askari (blessings of God be upon them both). This Society, like the previous years, hosts large numbers of pilgrims coinciding with the martyrdom of Imam Hadi, blessings of God be upon him. Hosting the pilgrims, providing them with food and resting place are some of the activities of this Society. It is worth noting that this Society, was the first Society to practice religious rites in Samarra, after Daesh terrorists were kicked out from this city. Members of Balad Tribe and delegates from the Holy shrine of Sayed Mohammad (blessings of God be upon him) welcomed members of this Society on this occasion.