Members of AhlulBayt Institute Meet Scientific and Social Figures in Holy Karbala

The director and some members of AhlulBayt Institute, affiliated to the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Basra continue their meetings with top Iraqi figures during their trip to holy Karbala. Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul-Karim Haeri, an instructor of advanced courses of Islamic jurisprudence, Ayatollah Sheikh Fadhil Safar, a religious figure, Sheikh Hossein Amiri, director of Mofid Seminary, Sheikh Ali Mojahed, director of Fatimah Institute, Sheikh Mostafa Mohammadi, director of Imam Hussein TV and Sheikh Abdulredha Maash, a religious lecturer in Iraq were among the people who were visited by the delegates from AhlulBayt Institute. Furthermore, the members of AhlulBayt Institute also made a visit to the shrine of Hazrat Salman Mohammadi.