Nonviolence Inc. Slams Violence Against Tunisian Protestors

Nonviolence Incorporation condemned in a statement, the violent crackdowns by the Tunisian government against its own citizens, who protest the worsening conditions of their livelihoods and call for economic reforms. In its statement, the Nonviolence Incorporation blamed the Tunisian government for its failure to cure the plummeting economic indicators.

Further, this human rights organization demanded the Tunisian government to stop further increase of the cost of living and taxes, via short-term and long-term plans; otherwise, the current situation can snowball into a total collapse of the country’s economy. In the meantime, this organization asked the military and security forces of Tunisia to avoid violence in dealing with protestors.

At the end, the Nonviolence Inc. asked the rich Arab and Muslim nations to not pick up an indifferent stance to this issue and reach out to the people of Tunisia immediately. In addition, this organization called on the international community and western countries to do their part in assisting the people of Tunisia.