Nonviolence Incorporation Condemns the Ban on Muslim Congregational Prayers in French Universities

Following the ban on holding congregational prayers in French universities, Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) affiliated with Imam Shirazi World Foundation, strongly condemned the decision by French university administrators.

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) strongly condemns the French Senate’s decision to ban prayers in French universities and calls on the French government to explicitly denounce such decisions, which violates the individual and the public rights.

Recently, the French Senate agreed to ban religious activities in the country’s universities and added the bill to the controversial “Islamic Separation” Act. This plan was criticized because it targeted Muslims and the Islamic community. In this sense, the moderate Republican Party added a clause to the law, which prohibits prayers in French universities, as well as religious activities that hinder educational activities.

Despite protests from members of France’s left-wing party and Education Minister John Michel Blanker, the bill was approved by right-wing members of the Senate.

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) emphasizes that this decision by the Senate will have negative consequences and will certainly not be in the interest of the security of French society and internal peace; because it will lead to opposition to Islam and its adherents, and as a result will lead to a much deeper rift than what was supposed to be removed from the Muslim citizens of France and the followers of other religions.

Therefore, Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) emphasizes the necessity and importance of the French Senate’s review of the above resolution and attention to its harmful consequences that seriously damage the country’s social fabric. On the other hand, such a law and decree is in itself a clear violation of international law.