Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation Joins Committee for Dialogue and Peace in the Community

Arkan Al-Khikani, the Public Relations Manager of Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development in holy Karbala introduced this foundation humanitarian projects to the Committee for Dialogue and Peace, hosted at the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister.

Mr. Al-Khikani, explained that this committee was a good chance for Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation to elaborate on the numerous projects it has underway. He further said that the three humanitarian projects of Beneficial Knowledge, House of Love, and the Orphans Support Program were introduced to this committee.

Mr. Al-Khikani also said that an invitation has been sent to the committee to interact and establish business partnerships with institutions and organizations active in Iraq, with the aim of creating opportunities for young people and providing a decent life for poor and orphaned families.

In the end, Adi Sarrai, the representative of this committee also praised Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for its involvement in humanitarian works.