Imam Shirazi World Foundation is Worried over Escalation of Violence in Iraq

Imam Shirazi World Foundation expressed its deepest concern over the escalation of violence in Iraq, particularly during the public rallies that criticized the Iraqi authorities for their incompetence and inefficiency. This foundation also warns against any suspicious conspiracies that try to mislead public demands.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation asks the Iraqi protestors to pursue their legitimate demands by adopting nonviolent approaches, and adhere to the culture of holy AhlulBayt (blessings of God be upon them) which is based on nonviolent, civil and well organized behaviors at all times.

Given the dangerous and fragile conditions of the country, Imam Shirazi Foundation calls on the protestors to be vigilant and not allow to be pushed toward violence and disorder, and they should remember that they have already thwarted terrorists and the hostile plans and projects of the enemies, with their resistance.