Rasul Adham Center in Holy Kadhimiya Baghdad Serves Pilgrims

On the occasion of martyrdom anniversary of Imam Jawad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, the Rasul Adham Center, which is affiliated to the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, continues to serve the pilgrims.

The believers on this occasion, visit the shrine of Imam Jawad, peace be upon him, to pay tribute to this holy-Infallible Imam, the ninth heir, and a descendent of the Messenger of God, Prophet Mohammad, blessings of God be upon him.

The Rasul Adham Center serves the pilgrims with refreshments, food, as well as providing the pilgrims resting place at night. It is worth noting that Sayed Aref Nasrullah, the Public Relations Manager of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi visited this pilgrim serving station to oversee the activities.