Imam Shirazi World Foundation Publishes Statement on World Youth Skills Day

Coinciding with the World Youth Skills Day on July 15, Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a statement that reads as follows:

The international community celebrates the 15th of July as the World Youth Skills Day; a day set by the United Nations for a concerted effort to grow and excel young people and to demonstrate their potential. The purpose of this day is to prevent all kinds of abuses and violations of the law by some political regimes or extremist organizations, and in this regard, the international community wants to promote support for this important group.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation also celebrates this occasion and offers its outright support to the youth based on the directives of the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadegh Hosseini Shirazi. In this sense, the foundation mentions one of the directives of the Grand Jurist, who said: “We must focus on awakening and educating the youth; because this part of society is the priority for all nations and societies that want to transform from backwardness to growth and excellence.”

“The enemies are investing a lot of money and effort on anti-Islamic programs targeting the Muslim youths with a horrible and unprecedented attack. By doing so, they are trying to spread various manifestations of decadence among the youth.”

Imam Shirazi World Foundation, noting the importance of the challenges mentioned by Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, emphasizes that all Muslim individuals, regardless of their race, gender and affiliations, should be held accountable by all legal and moral standards. This foundation also insists that spiritual, financial and scientific support is required to safeguard the youth from deviant and corrupt ideologies and lead them towards the genuine Islamic teachings. This move is realized through collective efforts by all official and civil institutions within the Islamic Ummah.