Shia Rights Watch Hosts Virtual Summit to Discuss Developments in Afghanistan

In recent days, Shia Rights Watch, affiliated to Imam Shirazi World Foundation, hosted a virtual summit that hosted two distinguished analysts, Dr. Akram Gizani, Chairman of World Hazara Council, and Mr.Senge Sering, the Director of Institute of Gilgit Baltistan Studies, to discuss the recent developments in Afghanistan, particularly Taliban’s military raid, and its impacts on the region.

In this summit, Mr. Akhwand, the director of Shia Rights Watch underscored the destructive consequences of Wahhabi schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which provide Taliban with brainwashed recruits in the region.

In another part of this event, Mr. Akram Gizani, pointed to the financial and geopolitical supports provided to Taliban terrorists by Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. He then mentioned that unlike some assumptions, the today terrorist group of Taliban has not changed at all, and still feasts on fear, and violence.

In the end, Mr. Senge Sering, expressed his worries over the future of Shia communities in Afghanistan, blaming some neighboring countries for using Taliban as their proxy in the region.