Shia Rights Watch Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Sadr District Baghdad

Following recent terrorist attack in Baghdad, Shia Rights Watch released the following statement:

With great pain and sorrow, Shia Rights Watch became aware of the terrorist explosion by the Daesh terrorist group, that took place in Baghdad and claimed the lives of defenseless and innocent people. Therefore, this organization condemns this act of terror, and calls for prosecution of the perpetrators of this vicious attack.

According to governmental bodies, a Daesh terrorist member, detonated his explosive belt in the middle of a bazaar in the Baghdad district of Sadr, killing dozens of defenseless innocent civilians.

Shia Rights Watch emphasizes the need for full security and military oversight in order to prevent further acts of terror by Daesh, which is re-emerging in Iraq and endangering the security and health of Iraqi people.

We ask God Almighty for the martyrs to be bestowed with God’s mercy, for the wounded to be healed, and for the families of the victims to be given patience.