Baraka Foundation Prepares for Upcoming Arbaeen Pilgrimage

Baraka Cultural and Religious Foundation, affiliated with the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi runs series of programs to prepare for the upcoming Arbaeen pilgrimage. Attending conferences and seminars hosted by religious centers, welcoming Husseini Mawakeb that are heading to Mahmoudiya province from the south of Iraq, providing support to activists who serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) facilitating the issuance of permits for religious centers that serve pilgrims, hosting meetings with Iraqi tribal leaders in Baghdad, and meeting with the mayor of Mahmoudiya city to discuss further activities during this year’s Arbaeen pilgrimage. It is worth noting that Baraka Foundation has also run series of programs to honor the Husseini rituals during the month of Muharram. These programs also included humanitarian projects in which the needy and low-income households received aid and assistance.