Annaba Institute Conference in Holy Najaf Iraq

Annaba Cultural and Media Institute, affiliated to the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala, in collaborations with Amir Al-Momenin Religious Institute in holy Najaf, hosted a conference under the title of “State Reformation in the Perspective of Religion”. This event hosted religious figures, academics, journalists, and members of the press. Ali Taliqani, a writer and director of Annaba Institute commented on the relation between religion and governments as being contentious, which was has been studied for many centuries by many thinkers in both the east and west. However, the result of this age-old discussion remains to be ambiguous. He then added that reformations can be seen and inspired by both religions and modern needs of mankind. Mr. Taleqani stated in some cases, power borrows its legitimacy from religion and in other cases, power is the result of experience. Mr.Talqani also added that ‘the intellectuals should carry a message of care, that helps the citizens, whether in the city or the countryside, to advance in matters that is related to heritages, customs, traditions, and the most important matter to found a state based on righteous values.’