Four Volume Collection of Alorwatol Wothqa Book Published

The four-volume collection of the precious book, Alorwatol Wothqa was published. This new collection contains commentaries by the late Mirza Mahdi Husseini Shirazi, Sayed Abdolhadi Husseini Shirazi, Sayed Mohammad Husseini Shirazi, and Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Husseini Shirazi. Alorwatol Wothqa is an Arabic book on Islamic law and jurisprudence, authored by Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Kadhem Tabatabaei Yazdi one hundred years ago. This superb book has formed the basis for the juridical ideas of many other Shia scholars ever since. More than 3260 rulings on various subjects are addressed in this book.