Nonviolence Inc. Sends Letter to Arab Economic Summit in Beirut

Nonviolence Incorporation, Free Muslim Association called for reformations in political and economic policy-making in a letter to the fourth Arab economic summit, hosted in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.  Some parts of this letter reads as follows:

“The threat of terrorism, which had posed serious dangers to the entire Arab world prior to the first round of Arab economic summits, has now subsided. In addition, we are witnessing that turmoil and chaos have been replaced by relative stability and security in many countries in the region, leading the path to a positive and constructive atmosphere for the fourth round of Arab economic summits in Beirut.”

The Nonviolence Incorporation further called on the Arab world leaders to grasp this opportunity and resolve the political, economic and social complications in the region. This human rights organization then added:

“The Arab world leaders are expected revisit their policies in a bid to fight poverty and discrimination on all grounds, and improve the livelihoods and social rights of all Arab nationals across the world. It is needless to mention that any upstanding Arab national does have the right to enjoy civil and human rights, coupled with a decent livelihood. However, it is truly believed that none of these goals can be actualized unless by meeting requirements such as the legalization of human and civil rights, creating stability and security across the region, and preparing equal chances in all social and political arenas, which in turn would also include issues such as the freedom of expression, democracy, the freedom to protest, as well as cultural and intellectual pluralism.”