Statement by Imam Shirazi World Foundation on International Day of Education

Coinciding with International Day of Education on January 24th, Imam Shirazi World Foundation released a statement that comes as follows:

“Imam Shirazi World Foundation emphasizes that any fundamental change in nations is reliant on the education of their youths; therefore, we hope that all countries carry out their tasks to support scientific and research centers and focus on applied sciences and humanities.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation should remind that many Islamic countries, especially the countries that are dealing with declining economic conditions or are swamped in unceasing and destructive wars have experienced a drastic rollback in scientific fields.

The scientific rollback in many Islamic societies, according to researches and studies, have been accelerated by many students dropping out of universities due to financial issues.”

This foundation further emphasized:

“Education is a basic right of all citizens which is endorsed by all legal charters and religious verdicts. Therefore, we demand all scientific institutions, foundations and intellectual figures in the Muslim world to focus their efforts on granting this right to all Muslim individuals at this period.”