Annaba Institute Discusses Future of Journalism in Iraq

Annaba cultural and media Institute in holy Karbala held a conference under the title of (Future of Journalism in Iraq). This conference hosted the chairman of Arab Journalists Association and Iraqi Journalists Association, Mr Moaed Allami.

This conference was also attended by the head and members of Krabala media association, as well as academics, journalists, the press and experts. This conference aimed at providing a platform for the exchange of views between a wide range of experts in order to address the underlying political, social and cultural issues of Iraq. Mr. Taliqani, an author and journalist welcomed the participants at this conference, said: “

Annaba Institute holds conferences on a monthly basis in a bid to address the  current issues of Iraq, enjoying the presence of academics, political analysts, social activists, and cultural experts.” He then added: “We believe that the press have an important role to pass on the calls of the nation to the officials. In his turn, the head of Iraq’s journalist association said: “We have worked hard to change the old image of Iraqis in the world and we have been successful to some degrees.”  In terms of unbiased journalism, the head of Iraq’s journalist association said: “There are no unbiased news agency in the world, because this is what professional journalism is about.”

This conference also focused on the problems of the press in Iraq. At the end, Annaba Institute gave a plaque of honor to the head of Iraq’s journalists association.