Al-Furat Center Studies Role of Shia Political Parties in Iraq Since 2003

Al-Furat Center for Strategic Studies in holy Karbala held a conference to discuss the role of Shia political parties in Iraq since 2003. This conference focused on the causes, drivers, effects and solutions to the crises in the past and ahead. Dr. Hussain Al-Sarhan, a researcher at Al-Furat Center made the opening speech this conference at the presence of legal experts, researchers, and media activists. In his remarks, Dr. Sarhan said:

“We have two variables to work on. First, it is the political roadmap of Shia political parties which have been very influential in our country’s future. Some of these parties have been as old as decades and they have spread their activities beyond our borders. Second, we need to create a model for governance that can guarantee the rights of citizens and internalize social justice.”

He then added:

“Rebuilding the country through a radical transformation of the environment, culture and society, and the reconstruction of the country’s military, as well as political and economic structure is based on a solid and firm pattern.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the political parties to rebuild the country, and if these parties are more familiar with the political nature of the community, they will be more successful in creating a more modern nation-state structure.”