Nonviolence Inc. Publishes Statement on International Day of Women in Science

Coinciding with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, Nonviolence Incorporation released a statement in which it highlighted the views of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi with respect to women’s role in scientific fields. “Women, like men must be committed to acquire knowledge, and use all their power to spread their learnings to their counterparts in the society.”

Considering that women all along history have been deprived of their basic rights in many parts of the world, there are many international organizations around the world that aim to improve the economic, social and scientific position of women in their societies. To this end, the Nonviolence Incorporation calls on the international community to implement the 2015 agreement, in which all world leaders are obligated to reach certain markers to improve the women’s position in their countries by the year 2030.