Several Iraqi Officials Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Holy Qom

On Thursday, 14 February 2019, a group of young Iraqis from the country’s interior ministry and other governmental departments visited the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi during their visit to holy Qom in Iran.

At the beginning of this meeting, the Grand Jurist said: “I pray to Almighty God to help you become successful; the people of Iraq have been oppressed for decades but they deserved to live in freedom and prosperity. So to make this happen, you need to eradicate systematic oppression in Iraq.”

The Grand Ayatollah Shirazi continued: “If you want God to fulfill your prayers and needs, you should also fulfill the needs of people who come to you.”

Further in this meeting, one of the visitors said: “Today in Iraq, there are very strong campaigns against the youths. These campaigns mostly target the young Shia and try to loosen up their faith. These attacks are most fierce in cities like Basra, Amarah, Naseriya, Najaf, Hillah and Baghdad. We have discussed these issues with scholars in Najaf but we didn’t get a clear answer. Therefore, we decided to visit you personally to seek your assistance in protecting the young Shia against these attacks.”

The Grand Ayatollah Shirazi then said: “I surely will do my part in protecting the youths, but you should do your part as well. Carry out your responsibilities and try to answer the misgivings and questions about Islam. Your responsibility is to guide all youths, whether if you know them or not.”