Martyrdom Anniversary of Ayatollah Sayed Hasan Shirazi

16th of Jamada Al-Thani 1440 Ah, marks the fortieth martyrdom anniversary of the great Islamic thinker, Ayatollah Sayed Hasan Shirazi, the brother of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi. Ayatollah Sayed Hasan Shirazi was born in 1354 AH in holy Najaf, into the great family of Shirazi who were famous for their religious piety and insightful knowledge of Islamic fiqh, beliefs and ethics.

The martyr Sayed Hasan Shirazi, in his entire life, remained one of the strongest oppositions of the Baath regime in Iraq and finally, he was murdered by the agents of this regime at the age of 46 in Beirut, Lebanon. He was buried next to the shrine of Lady Fatimah Masoumeh (peace be upon her) in the holy city of Qom in Iran.