Annaba Institute Discusses “Challenges Ahead of Iraq’s Government”

Annaba Cultural and Media Institute, dependent to the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala held a conference in this City to discuss the challenges ahead of the Iraqi government. This conference hosted Dr. Riyadh Al-Masoudi, the governor of Karbala, Dr. Amer Hassan Fayaz, head of Al-Nahrain University of Politics, Dr. Hazam Al-Shemmari, political analyst and a professor at Baghdad University as well as several managers of research centers, legal experts, civil rights activists, and journalists.

Dr. Wathiq Al-Hashemi, head of Iraq’s Center for Strategic Studies was the keynote speaker of this conference. In his remarks, Dr. Al-Hashemi said: “Iraq has been dealing with numerous crises for many decades, and unfortunately, the Iraqi administration is not fully functioning. Under these circumstances, the future of Iraq has been shadowed by the challenges it will confront. Hopefully, this conference can illuminate on our current situation, using the views and expert opinions of the participants at this conference.”

Mr. Ali Taliqani, a writer and journalist also said: “At this time, Iraq is dealing with many challenges and crises, both on domestic and foreign aspects. At this conference, we plan to view the current issues in Iraq, by the help of political decision makers at the parliament and analysts.”