Free Muslim Association Releases Statement on World Day of Social Justice

Coinciding with the World Day of Social Justice on February 20, 2019, FreeMuslim Association released a statement that comes as follows:

“Social justice is by nature a priority in all conflicts and tensions among human beings; therefore, it requires the involvement of the entire International Community, with all its potentials, to realize social justice in a global scale and bring social stability and national reconciliation around the world. Social justice is the cornerstone of peaceful coexistence among all nations, by which development and progress, gender equality, and equal rights for immigrants including a decent livelihood, freedom, education, and sanitation regardless of their race, gender, faith, and cultural backgrounds can be realized.

In addition to that, and according to reports by the UN and human rights foundations, more than two billion people suffer from the ravages of war and chaos, four hundred million of whom are in the age group of 15 to 29. Employment is also an issue for almost 40 percent of hardworking people who have failed to find a job.

On the world social justice day, the world is in a critical situation, which requires improved legal structures that guarantee the protection of the vulnerable people, especially in the Middle East, where people suffer from civil wars, invasions, and corrupt rulers. FreeMuslim Association emphasizes the realization of social justice on a global scale, with the aim of empowering poor nations around the world.”