Free Muslim Statement on Warsaw Peace & Security in the Middle East Conference

FreeMuslim Association published a statement, at the sidelines of Warsaw Peace and Security in the Middle East Conference. Parts of the statement reads as follow:

“Freemuslim Association strongly deplores the failure of many governments and leaders in the Middle East to respond to human rights violations and reports that reveal the deterioration in of human rights, especially in terms of public freedoms and living conditions in the Arab and Muslim countries.

According to reports issued by international institutions; tens of thousands of detainees are subject to political judgments and illegal detention as well as many are exposed to acts of intimidation, threats, repression, physical and psychological abuse and sometimes killing in flagrant violation of the established international agreements and the divinely revealed laws.

At the same time, most social strata in the Middle East suffer from a record plunge in living conditions and financial stability due to the lack of equitable distribution of wealth in all countries of the region, as well as the failed economic policies adopted by governments which in turn seem unconcerned about the living standards of people within the countries.

The absence of the true democracy and the peaceful transfer of power are a major turning point in the political, economic and social conditions for millions of people. The exclusive power has become a common practice in the Middle East. The false practices adopted by some regimes in respect of the unfair and prejudiced elections are a last resort to the disappointed citizens in the Middle East.

For all of the above, the organization believes that the ruling authorities in the Middle East and the international community in general should be aware of the seriousness of what is happening and work to stop its repercussions through serious reforms based on clear and transparent criteria capable of dealing with these critical issues as soon as possible.”