Annaba Institute Organizes Caricature Exhibition in Holy Karbala

Annaba Cultural and Media Institute, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala organized a caricature exhibition under the title of “Martyrdom and Victory”. This exhibition hosted some members of the Iraqi parliament, local government officials, directors of research organization, academics, lawyers, civil society activists, tribal chiefs and members of the press.

Abdulamir Alrekabi, the director of this exhibition said: “At the sidelines of this event, Annaba Institute hosted Ms. Najiha Alshemari, the director of Martyrs Association. This is our fourth exhibition in the province and the 18th in the entire country.”

He then added: “This exhibition displayed 25 artworks by artists, which portrayed the great sacrifices of our martyrs in their fight against brutal terrorists and Baath agents. If it wasn’t for these sacrifices, we surely couldn’t win over the enemies and defend our sanctity, lands and nation.” Mr. Al-Rekabi also said: “These artworks display the true heroic picture of our great martyrs, and also the sacrifices of the respected families of these martyrs.”