Celebrating the auspicious occasion of Mabath Al-Nabawi Al-Shareef in the house of the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Al-Shirazi

On the occasion marking Mabath Al-Nabi, the savoir of mankind from injustice and misguidance, the lover of the transcendent creator, his messenger the holy Prophet peace be upon him and his family, there was an event held in the house of Ayatollah Shirazi. This event occured on Saturday Morning 27th Rajab 1439 / March 14th 2018.

His eminence has attended this event to exchange greetings and celebrations on this blessed day. Many visitors from around the world including visitors from Iraq has came to attend this event. Many students/teachers of Hawza, youth and people of all ages also attended. His eminence greeted all his visitors with open arms, with hundreds of people coming in and going. This was a truly blessed day marking a very important event.