Annaba Institute Participates in Sulaimani International Forum

The Sulaimani Forum dedicated its sixth round of talks to the topic of “Iraq and neighboring countries, moving towards a new regional order” in the Kurdish region of Iraq, hosting Mr. Barham Salih, the Iraqi president as well as honorable guests from neighboring countries.

This forum also hosted the Annaba Cultural and Media Institute, headquartered in holy Karbala. At this event, Dr. Wathiq Al-Hashemi, a member and advisor to Annaba Institute underscored the importance of this forum for Iraqi political activists, the regional governments, and the international entities both on a political and economic landscape. He also hinted that this forum specifically discussed the future of Iraqi Kurdistan region, its foreign policy, energy issues, and security.

It is noteworthy that members of Annaba Institute had meetings with distinguished Iraqi and non-Iraqi figures during this event.