Iraqi Tribal Chiefs Meet with Public Relations Manager of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, a group of Ale Fetla Iraqi tribe visited the PR Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi and met with Mr. Aref Nasrullah, the director of this Office. In this meeting, Mr. Nasrullah made a few remarks about the role of Islamic leaders in fighting colonizers in Iraq and said:

“The colonialists have had plans to create a gap between the masses of people and the religious leadership, so that they can infiltrate into our society and rob us of our treasures. However, their plans have never been successful so far.”

He then added: “We need to be vigilant and obedient to the religious leadership so as to avoid stepping into this trap. The religious leadership represent the knowledge of AhlulBayt and they should be trusted.”

Mr. Aref Nasrullah then said: “The Islamic leaders are always concerned about the Shia youths.”

The PR manager of Grand Jurist further asked the Iraqi tribal chiefs to abide by their religious and moral obligations with respect to the youths. In the meantime, Mr. Nasrullah warned the Iraqi government officials of the poor economic conditions of Iraq and said:

“It is really depressing to see the growing rates of poverty in our proud nation, who are famous for their rich culture, history and their resources of oil, minerals and water.”