Adam Center Discusses Methods to Empower Iraqi NGOs in Holy Karbala

Adam Center for Defending Rights and Freedoms hosted a panel of legal experts, academics, social researchers, and members of the press to discuss “Methods to Empower Non-Governmental Organizations in Iraq.” Dr. Ala Hussain, the head of Karbala University of law and a researcher at Adam Center made a speech at this conference. In his remarks, Mr. Hussaini said:

“NGOs are among the most important elements to a government and society.” He then added: “The Iraqi lawmakers have approved NGO activities in an amendment in 2010, describing the nature of Non-governmental organizations.”

Mr. Hussaini then continued: “Each non-government organization and institute has its own purposes and roadmaps. Therefore, the activities of these organizations set out on this roadmap, which is defined by their purposes. In order to empower NGOs, we need to empower their purposes.”