Imam Shirazi World Foundation Invites Believers to Pray in Month of Rajab

On the arrival of the month of Rajab, Imam Shirazi World Foundation released a statement that comes as follows:

“And seek help in patience and prayer. For it is heavy, except to the humble,” [2:45]

The holy and blissful days of the month of Rajab have arrived. The month that holds the God’s mercy and forgiveness for all His servants. The holy Prophet of Islam describes this month as the great month of God, which is unmatched in sanctity and superiority and war and bloodshed is Haram in it. On the other hand, if one does a small good deed and serves the community in this month, God will be pleased with them and they will be saved from the wrath of the Lord. In this turbulent time of crisis and hardship, which has overtaken the entire world and particularly the Muslim nations, Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on all Muslims to use this opportunity and pray for the speedy reappearance of Imam Al-Mahdi so as to be saved of all these disasters of our modern world.