Freemuslim Association Congratulates the Coming of New Solar Year

With the arrival of spring and the new solar year, Freemuslim Association released the following statement:

Freemuslim congratulates the arrival of the new solar year on March 21st also known as Nowruz, and prays to God for security and stability for all people around the world. Freemuslim further calls on all nations who celebrate this holiday, to make a resolution on this new year to stand up against oppression and wrong policies of their governments and preach the culture of moderation in their communities. Freemuslim believes that spring stands for making a new start and avoiding past mistakes. Thus, Freemuslim expects a fresh start on all spiritual, cultural, and political grounds so as to avoid injustice, sectarianism, and racism. Needless to say that tolerance, human rights, and freedom of speech should also be respected in all communities and in doing so, all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience must be freed on this new year.