Freemuslim Warns of Flaring Violence Between Muslims and Non-Muslims

In the wake of clashes between some Muslim and Christian communities, the Freemuslim association, dependent to Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi warned of the consequences of these clashes and stated:

“Freemuslim is deeply worried over the recent clashes between Muslim and Christian communities and warns of the serious repercussions of these clashes, which can threaten the security and social stability of nations. This organization has received documents that show five mosques have been attacked simultaneously on 10 am, on Thursday, last week. A Pakistani mufti, Mr. Mohammad Taqi Othman in Karachi was the target of a failed assassination attempt, during which two other people were shot at and killed. In the meanwhile, the police of Montreal reported an assault against a Christian priest, while performing in a congregation in this City.

The tram shooting in Utrecht was another chain of these attacks, which took place a few days before another bloody suicide bombing against the Shia community in Afghanistan.  Freemuslim believes that the attacks against Muslim immigrants in Europe can have damaging ripple effects and pose serious threats to peace and security across the world. These hate crimes by racist and sectarian groups in Europe will provoke likewise sentiments in other parts of the world, and as a result, it would create a wave of violence between Muslims and the adherents of other religions. Therefore, Freemuslim demands all governments and nations to restrict and restrain the activities of racist groups in their countries and prevent another clash of religions around the world. Furthermore, there should be laws in place to protect the religious minorities and prevent hate speech in all its forms.”