Annaba Institute Holds Conference in Holy Karbala Iraq

Annaba Cultural and Media Institute, dependent to Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi held a conference in holy Karbala to discuss the “Reconstruction of National Government in Iraq.” This conference was attended by academics, including the dean of Nahrain University, Dr. Amer Hasan Faiz, the head of Media Department, Dr. Abdullah Hasan Al-Hadithi, and Mr. Abbas Fazil Qanbar, a legal expert. Dr. Wathiq Al-Hashemi and two Iraqi parliamentarians, Dr. Riyadh Masoudi and Hasan Masoudi were also participating in this conference. Mr. Ali Taliqani, the director of Annaba conference said:

“It is a priority to construct our country; our nation must have a decent life and livelihood; they need to experience security and stability and this is possible through dialogue and reconciliation. We believe that we can make steps to speed up the reconstruction of our society.”

He then added: “Since 2003, there has been no [effective] government and we didn’t have a legislation to prop up a democratic transition of power and the establishment of a proper living environment; as a result, Iraq faces a difficult phase for reconstruction.” Mr. Ali al-Taleghani reminded that this gathering was rich and fruitful in terms of the result and the depth of ideas. The comments made by the participants in the conference also disclosed the most significant barriers to the reconstruction of the national government, and eventually presented scientific and practical solutions to programs that were based on reconstruction of our national integrity.