Shia Rights Watch Requests the French Minister of Interior to Reconsider his Remarks

Shia Rights Watch released a statement in which it demanded the French minister of Interior to review his recent remarks with respect to Shia Islamic centers in this country. The French official had earlier accused several Shia Islamic centers for purportedly preaching violence and hatred.

Shia Rights Watch believes that such remarks are originated from political games at play. Mr. Christophe Castaner, the French minister of interior announced in a statement that four Shia Islamic centers in this country were closed down. He claimed that these centers legitimize armed confrontation.

In its statement, Shia Rights Watch hinted that Shia have never viewed violence as a means to an end. The Shia communities in western societies insist on peaceful coexistence and dialogue to share their views and beliefs. Shia Rights Watch further mentioned that history has shown that not only Shia Muslims in western societies have never resorted to violence, but also they have always chosen for peace and security.