Imam Shirazi World Foundation Sends Letter to Arab League Summit in Tunisia

As the Arab League Summit gets underway in Tunisia, Imam Shirazi World Foundation released a statement that comes as follows:

After decades of tensions and clashes in the middle east, the Arab world leaders come together at the Arab League summit in Tunisia to discuss solutions to the crises that have overshadowed Arab nations on all political, economic, social and security grounds.

At this juncture, the Arab leaders bear with them the religious, national, legal and moral responsibility to take brave measures in order to rescue the Arab world from its unfortunate state and lead their people on the path to prosperity and peaceful coexistence. Nonetheless, such great achievement is out of sight, without considering a return to the genuine Islamic principles which guarantee the rights of all individuals and citizens in full.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation believes that the current challenges and conflicts in all Arab nations are the result of longtime and unaddressed problems that originate from the ethnic, religious and cultural diversities in the region. The ISWF also believes that it is so unfortunate to witness that such great points of strength in our region have turned into elements that have dismembered our community and made us a target for our enemies.

The Arab nations should openly welcome reformations in a bid to internalize social pluralism, freedom of speech, the freedom to protest, civil rights, and tolerance. We believe that Arab societies can bloom fast in the shade of these reformations and be immune from all foreign and regional interferences.