Clerics from Najaf Seminary Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

On the eve of the 7th day of Shaban 1440 AH, a group of clerics and students from holy Najaf, along with the distinguished figures from Bani Kaab tribe visited the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom. In this meeting, the Grand Jurist said to his visitors:

“Almighty God has given all mankind two opposing powerful forces. The holy Quran and hadiths refer to one of these two forces as “intellect”, which applies to beliefs and views. The second force is lusts and desires.”

To clarify this topic, the Grand Jurist said:

“Usually, the beliefs are in conflicts with lusts and desires. For example, if someone swears at you or casts accusations against you, probably you will feel the urge to answer back and commit the same sins in response. However, the intellect will try to calm you down and remind you that you should not involve yourself with these sins.”