Shia Rights Watch Condemns Terrorist Attack in Quetta, Pakistan

Shia Rights Watch released a statement to condemn a terrorist attack against the Shia in Quetta city of Pakistan. Some parts of the statement reads:

“Shia Rights Watch condemns the brutal attacks against the innocent Shia people in Quetta and holds the Pakistani authorities responsible for such horrendous incidents. According to reports, the terrorist attack was carried out in a crowded area and left 30 people killed and 70 others wounded. The place and timing of the attack was carefully chosen to get more casualties.”

The rest of the statement reads: “The efforts by the Pakistani authorities to protect the lives of their Shia citizens in not enough; therefore, Shia Rights Watch calls on the Pakistani government to perform their legal and moral responsibilities. Further, this human rights organization demands the international community to heed the worsening conditions of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan. At the end, Shia Rights Watch offers its sympathies to the families of victims and prays for a speedy recovery for the wounded.