Freemuslim Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

Following recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, Freemuslim association released a statement and condemned these brutal killings. Some parts of the statement come as follows:

“Freemuslim condemns the recent horrible terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, during which suicide bombers struck churches and hotels in multiple cities. Three Catholic churches were targeted while their Easter services were under way, and three five-star hotels were attacked in and around the country’s capital, Colombo. Freemuslim strongly condemns such brutal acts of terror and sends its heartfelt sympathies to the families of the victims. Freemuslim also emphasizes that the perpetrators of these attacks have no affiliation to any religion or faith and that the government of Sri Lanka must arrest the attackers and put them on trial. In the end of this statement, Freemuslim Association called on the international community to join together in combating radicalism globally.”