Shia from India Meet with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

Over the past few days, the Central Office of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom hosted groups of Shai believers from Lucknow in India who had come on a pilgrimage trip to sacred sites in Iran and Iraq. During this visit, these Indian pilgrims met with the Grand Jurist and listened to statements of his eminence.

The Grand Jurist opened his remarks saying: I congratulate these Eids to all of you and I hope that Imam al-Mahdi (may God hasten his advent) would give us his special attentions. His eminence then emphasized the importance of pilgrimage trips and said: The pilgrimage trips should be accompanied by practical changes in pilgrims. For instance, you as pilgrims should make a firm decision to implement these words by the Prophet of Islam, who said: Don’t get angry.

The Grand Jurist then added: The Prophet repeated these words for three times, while his holiness never did repeat himself. This should highlight the importance of these words. His eminence then said to his visitors: In this pilgrimage trip, you should make a resolution not to get angry. You should restrain your anger when you deal with your parents, family, children, neighbors and everyone else. Grand Ayatollah Shirazi continued: You should make this decision at this moment now. Make a decision to control your anger and you will have far less regrets in your lives.

At the end, the Grand Jurist said: This hadith by the Prophet of Islam should be a good souvenir for you in this trip. I will pray for all of you and I hope you do the same, during this pilgrimage.