Adam Center Condemns Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

Following multiple terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, Adam Center for Defending Rights and Freedoms released a statement condemning these attacks. Here come some parts of this statement:

“The recent bombings in Sri Lanka were a declaration of war against freedom and religious pluralism. In other words, these acts of terror were aimed at striking a match to the volatile religious standoff in the world, which could be orchestrated by certain organizations and countries in secret.”

The statement by Adam Center also adds: “This center strongly condemns the criminal and brutal acts of terror against places of worship in Sri Lanka, during which tens of innocent people were killed and hundreds of others were wounded. We at Adam Center believe that the terrorist attacks of this kind are meant to ignite a brutal war among different religious communities.”

The rest of the statement reads: “To start a cycle of religious violence is playing with fire, because people will be ready to defend their religious identities and values at all costs. The secret orchestrators of these attacks who try to manipulate the strong religious feelings, have the intention of starting a war against faith and religion in general. After the New Zealand attacks against Muslims were met with international empathies and assistance, more attacks were carried out in Sri Lanka to disrupt this situation and create a cycle of religious violence in the world. Therefore, the international community and human rights organizations must be vigilant not to give any wiggle space to religious violence and terrorism in any forms and in any country.”

Adam Center further said: “Some western policies are also to be blamed for the outburst of violence against religious and ethnic minorities around the world. We strongly call on the international community to investigate the terrorist attacks and put their perpetrators on trial.”