Activities by Shia Societies Association in Iraq Ahead of Muharram 2018

The members of Shia Societies Association, affiliated to Imam Shirazi World Foundation in holy Karbala held meetings with some religious figures and administrators of religious communities in Soogh Al-Sheikh City in Iraq.

In these meetings, the members of the association learned about the programs of these religious communities and conveyed the respects and guidelines of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi to them.

Here are some activities by the Shia Societies Association:

Meeting with families of martyrs at Shaheed Jomah Society

Visitation to Shaheed Joma Society

Visitation to Shia Ali Society headquarters

Participation in ceremonies by Imam Hasan Mojtaba Society ahead of Muharram

Meetings with members of Tharal-Hussain Society

Meetings with members of Khoddam al-Hussain Society

Meetings with members of Wilayat Ali Society

Meeting with Sayed Jafar Yaqubi, Friday prayer leader in Soogh Al-Sheikh City

And meeting with Haji Aqeel Turki, administrators of religious societies in this city