Al-Mostaqbal Center Holds Conference in Holy Karbala Iraq

Al-Mostaqbal Center in holy Karbala held a conference in this City to discuss the activities of Research Committees in Iraq and their failure to accomplish their missions.

Dr. Hamid Halali, a legal expert and former member of Karbala City Council was the keynote speaker of this conference. In his remarks, Dr. Halali stated: “The Parliament of Iraq has two primary responsibilities: Legislation and the supervision of legal procedures.”

He then added: “The Parliament’s supervision of legal procedures is the best method to oversee the executive body, especially through tools such as impeachment. The parliament can investigate the measures taken by the government and see into the financial, political, and government management issues.”

Dr. Halali then stated: “The Research Committees in Parliament have professional experts and they can have thorough investigations into the policies of the government.”