Lebanese Ambassador to Iraq Attends Conference by Annaba Institute

The Annaba Institute held a conference in holy Karbala under the title of “Iraqi-Lebanese relations effected by developments in Middle East” over the past few days. The conference hosted Ali Adib Hibhab, the Lebanese ambassador to Iraq along with Jasim Al-Fatlawi, the deputy of Karbala governor and city council members as well as Ali Kamouneh, the UN mission to Iraq.

The conference began with a lecture by a journalist, Ali Taliqani who emphasized: The Iraqi and Lebanese relations are time-old and these relations have been improved over the past years. However, the two countries have been effected deeply by the developments in the middle east on both security and political grounds.” Furthermore, the Lebanese ambassador to Iraq said: “The two nations have strong religious and ethnical ties and we believe that the historical background of these ties will bring together these two nations no matter what.”

Mr. Hibhab then said: “We call for a democratic process that can ensure the interests of both nations, so that we can escape the threats of war and conflict and improve on our services to our citizens in Iraq and Lebanon. We have successfully repelled attacks by Zionist regime in 1996 and 2006 and protect our sovereignty. The same thing was accomplished by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq. You did a great job to push back terrorists from your lands and protect your nation and your sanctities.”