Freemuslim Criticizes Indiscriminate Arrests in Algeria

Freemuslim association published a statement to criticize the indiscriminate arrests in Algeria, following the resignation of President Bouteflika in this country. Parts of the statement reads as follows:

“Freemuslim is deeply concerned over the humanitarian conditions in Algeria, after the ouster of former president Bouteflika.

It has been reported that under the new military regime, a great number of advocates and aides of the former president have been arrested. The move is a stark violation of human rights and a warning to the future of democracy in this country.

Freemuslim warns of outbreak of conflict and violence as a result of these extreme measures by the regime in power, and calls on the authorities to use legal and fair trials as a means to settle the current chaos in this country.

Freemuslim also asks all parties of the conflict in Algeria to avoid violence and injustice at all costs and prevent the violation of human rights, amid this time of conflict in this country.