Activities by Sayed Hussain Shirazi in Kuwait

On the eighth night of the holy month of Ramadan, Sayed Hussain Shirazi, the son of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi visited the Ale Murafi meeting hall in Kuwait and met with Sayed Morteza Kishmiri, the son-in-law and representative of Great Ayatollah Sistani in European countries.

Furthermore, the Grand Jurist’s son met with the Christian archbishop in Kuwait and also visited the meeting halls of Haji Ismael Dashti and Haji Ali Matruk in this country. In these visits, the latest developments of the Shia world were discussed.

The meeting halls of Makki Joma, Haji Hamza Maqamis, Bu Khumais, and Haji Mostafa Behbahani also hosted the Grand Jurist’s son over the past few days.

It is worth noting that during his visit to Behbahani meeting hall, the Grand Jurist’s son met with Marzuq Ghanem, the Kuwaiti parliament speaker. In this meeting, the latest situation of the Shia Muslims in this country and around the world were discussed.