Freemuslim Releases Statement on International Day of Children Victims of Aggression

Freemuslim association, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi released a statement on the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. Parts of the statement read as follows:

“Children are still easy targets and the first victims of wars and conflicts, despite all international efforts to stop the trend. The violation of international laws has also exacerbated the critical situation of children during wartime and it is so unfortunate to see the perpetrators of crimes against children escape trials and go unpunished. Studies have shown that children are severely impacted by wars and conflicts, either through their recruitment in the military or by the loss of their lives or the lives of their family members during wars.

Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, as well as many other African countries are considered to top the list of nations, where children are impacted by violence or other consequences of wars and conflicts.

On June 4th, the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, Freemuslim association calls on the international community and all human rights foundations to focus their efforts on saving children and shield them against all horrible consequences of wars and violence. This association further stressed on the prosecution of all criminal governments and regimes that target innocent children on a daily basis, especially in countries such as Yemen which is consistently targeted by indiscriminate airstrikes by the Saudi-led Coalition.”