Freemuslim Releases Statement on World Environment Day

Freemuslim association released a statement on the World Environment Day, coinciding with June 5th. Parts of the statement read as follows:

“The severe and threatening nature of environmental issues have convinced the international community to rethink their strategies and approaches to reverse or stop the ongoing crises such as air pollution, destruction of eco systems, the extinction of many species, and etc.

Consecutive reports by environmental foundations all point to one direction and that is the urgent need to quick, collective and serious measures to save the planet and reduce the destructive human impact on it. Other studies have also shown that the increasing number of industries that live on fossil fuels and spew out clouds of harmful exhausts are a major factor in the rising number of diseases such as skin cancer, tuberculosis, birth defects, and so on and so forth.

Mass displacement and immigration as a result of natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and droughts are also among other consequences of environmental pollution. It should be noted that most of environment pollution is caused by industrial countries in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, the future of our planet was placed in jeopardy after the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, which was supposed to tamper down the emission of harmful gases by these industries.

On this note, Freemuslim association calls on all nations to remain committed to the terms of Paris Agreement and join the collective effort to save the environment and our future generations.”