Third Seminar of Imam Hussein TV Viewers Held in Europe

The viewers of Imam Hussein TV came together for the third time in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden to raise funds for the widely popular Shia TV channel during a ceremony. This ceremony, which was hosted at Imam Hasan Mojtaba Religious Center in Stockholm, began with the recitation of holy Quran by Mohammad Aref Asghari, a famous reciter in Europe.

The ceremony continued with lectures by Sheikh Zaki Bayati, Sheikh Abdolhussein Asadi, and Sayed Mohammad Taqi Jawadi, who each emphasized on the significance of distributing the idea and culture of AhlulBayt (peace be upon them) across the world.

Furthermore, Mr. Qassem Fahad, the executive of Imam Hussein TV 3 in English, elaborated on the current issues that Imam Hussein Media Group is struggling with, and highlighted the need for financial and spiritual support of the viewers.

The ceremony ended with some financial donations by the participants, whose names were written on a banner of the shrines of Imam Hussein and Hazrat Abbas (peace be upon them). It is worth noting that this event was streamed live on Imam Hussein TV. The previous two seminars of Imam Hussein TV viewers were hosted by Frankfort and Hamburg in Germany.