Al-Mostaqbal Center Slams Ineffective Parliamentary Inquiry Committees

Al-Mostaqbal Center for Strategic Studies, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala held a conference in this City to discuss the ineffective nature of parliamentary inquiry committees in Iraq. According to Dr. Hamid Halali, a legal expert and a former member of Karbala City Council, the parliaments have two major responsibilities, and they are making laws and examining the execution of these laws. These two responsibilities require the parliament to have a powerful inquiry system, through especial tools such as impeachment, hearing sessions, and the formation of inquiry committees. The Iraqi parliament has tried its best to create an inquiry system to oversee and monitor the execution of laws and the government expenditures. The inquiry committees have the mission to investigate all executive officials, including the Iraqi president and prime minister and report to the parliament. However, the committees face strong resistance by officials and thus, they haven’t been successful.