Freemuslim Requests Investigations into War Crimes in Libya

Freemuslim Association, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi published a statement, in which it called for thorough investigations into war crimes happening in Libya. Parts of the statement come as follows:

“Freemuslim has received multiple statements and reports from Libya, which reveal numerous cases of war crimes in the North African country. On this note, Freemuslim requests the Security Council at the United Nations to run unbiased and transparent investigations into all cases of war crimes in Libya. According to reports, a number of soldiers who were captured during war were executed and disfigured. Similar reports circulated among the Libyan forensics show that many other soldiers were shot at head and chest, while they were receiving treatment at a hospital in south of the Libyan Capital. Freemuslim warns of the consequences of the armed conflicts that now continue for several months in Libya. This human rights organization calls on the security council to take serious and quick measures in order to contain the scopes of armed conflicts in Libya and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in this country.”